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O riginally from Michigan but having grown up in Mexico City, Richard Verdoni has brought true authentic Mexican food to the tri-city and opened a small eatery at the side of Black Creek on the river’s edge of Sanford Lake. Just a few miles outside of Midland, Michigan. The purpose was to develop a brand around an amazingly flavorful taco he has been cooking for friends and family since 2001, now referred to as The G-taco. Also, growing up and after living in Mexico for a few years in 2005 he honed in on street tacos then on a menu that would reflect a good faire for everyone to enjoy.

Everything is made as fresh as can be. From the Chips and Salsa, to the Shepherd's Pie. We use locally grown fruits and vegetables when they are available. Think of this kitchen as your second kitchen, BUT we do all the work for you. Stay tuned on our facebook or other social media platforms for specials and other relevant information. In the meantime get ready for the BEST TACOS you'll EVER know - The G-taco, only at BCK's Taco Universe.


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Office Lunch Service

Schedule your office lunch with us, you can come to us - or we will bring the tacos to you! with our full service taco bar.

Sanford Celebrates 150 Years

Stay tuned for information about Sanford's Sesquicentennial Celebration throughout the year.

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All year long the EatGreat Festival organization puts on exemplary events for cuisine enthusiasts.