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I f you are looking for a franchise opportunity contact us. We have a tried and tested formula that will make you tons of profits. Email franchise@taco-u.com The Sanford location is closed as a business decision. The location was not sustainable.

We are looking for partners and people interested in developing a successful operation. Everything starts with great tortillas and fresh ingredients. Along with tacos, we have great burritos and different authentically unique plates to try. Sopes and plates that can fill you up for a great value. Our home-made soups based on Latin American cuisine will have you coming back for more.

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Office Lunch Service

Schedule your office lunch with us, you can come to us - or we will bring the tacos to you! with our full service taco bar.

Shelterhouse Fundraiser

Help raise funds for a great cause! April 24 through May 7

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All year long the EatGreat Festival organization puts on exemplary events for cuisine enthusiasts.